frequently asked questions

Why are we only online?

Many gyms are enforcing strict guidelines. We teach people how to achieve optimal health and fitness, without needing a gym.

How does it work?

All you need for your consultation is a device with a camera and access to the internet (laptop, phone, tablet, iPad, etc.). We will send you a link to meet with us on Zoom.

What is Vagaro?

Vagaro is what we use for booking and payments for Patriot Fitness. It's similar to Square, but more suited for the Fitness and Salon industry.

What makes Patriot Fitness different from other online fitness services?

The typical online personal training websites rely on large libraries of pre-recorded videos that clients can purchase or gain access to via membership. Patriot Fitness does not do it that way. All of our services and classes are conducted by a live fitness instructor who can correct technique, answer questions, teach and help you reach your goals.